Did you know? Not all Microfibre is made equal

Disposable Microfibre Cloths

Did you know? Not all microfibre is made equal!

It is important now more than ever that you know: not all microfibre is made equal. Most microfibre cloths are not rated to collect and remove bacteria and do not meet sanitation requirements.

The microfibre required for infection control needs to meet stringent standards. Steam Australia now have microfibre products in stock, contact us to learn more.

Steam and microfibre is a hospital approved method of cleaning removing up to 99.999% bacteria and pathogens. Dry pressurised steam with a boiler temperature above 170 degrees celsius and quality microfibre used in conjunction with each other provide an almost perfect cleaning combination to eliminate dirt and microorganisms.

Our Dry Steam Cleaners produce steam at over 172 degrees celsius, creating steam with a 5% moisture content.

Why you should use microfibre?

Hospital Approved
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Hospital Tested and Approved

Quality microfibre have been proven to remove 99.99% of bacteria AND also does not redistribute germs to another surface. Using disposable microfibre means you remove the risk of cross contamination from not laundering properly.

Steam + Microfibre = Better Together

The combination of steam and the latest and improved microfibre technology, paves the way to implement highly effective and efficient cleaning processes across all surfaces of organisations.

Cost Savings

Using steam and microfibre reduces the cost of water and waste disposal as well as enables faster cleaning times, allowing staff to clean more areas; and overall improves facility cleanliness.

Why you should use microfibre?

Learn more with our 8 page information pack, where we cover:

  • Why use steam?
  • How does it work?
  • What is Microfibre?
  • How do steam and microfibre work together?

Or if you are ready to learn how you can start using microfibre and steam cleaning in your organisation today, contact us on 1300 79 50 50

We have the steam cleaner for you!

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