A high quality stainless steel steam cleaner

The Pegaso steam cleaner is a powerful industrial unit with integrated vacuum function. Made for industrial cleaning, it boasts a huge 9 Bar steam pressure and produces quality dry saturated steam and maintains a high working pressure to keep up with the toughest of jobs.

The Pegaso uses high temperature dry saturated steam produced at over 175º. With a moisture content of only 5%, this dry saturated steam kills ≥99.999% of bacteria and viral agents.* This allows to deep clean below the surface and effectively lift built up dirt and grime while sanitising surfaces. The Pegaso has detergent injection for those hard to remove stains and HEPA H13 vacuum filtration system, retaining over 99.9999% of even the smallest of particles. It incorporates large water and detergent tank capabilities allowing for extended cleaning times for larger cleaning jobs.

This steam cleaner is a robust and reliable cleaner with the power and features to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks in a portable and compact stainless steel frame.

The Pegaso steam cleaner is designed to clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, upholstery, mattresses, commercial kitchens and bathrooms and is well suited to small and large cleaning applications. This is the perfect cleaning machine for a wide range of commercial and small industrial uses including commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, contract cleaners, food manufacturing and factories, auto-detailing, supermarkets and more.



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Order Code Description Order Code Description
KIT0800/MOD Hose S/V/D 4m KIT0801 Extension Tube S/V 500mm
KIT0802 Extension Tube S/V 250mm KIT0804 Floor Tool S/V 300mm
KIT0822 Insert Carpet Glide Teflon 300mm KIT0824 Insert Dual Squeegee 300mm
KIT0803 Floor Tool S/V 500mm KIT0823 Insert Carpet Glide Teflon 500mm
KIT0825 Brush Floor 500mm with Rubber Blades KIT0805 Squeegee S/V 300mm
KIT0806 Upholstery Tool 100mm KIT0807 Carpet Tool 250mm
KIT0808 Nozzle Horizontal S/V w/Lance KIT0808/DA Nozzle S/V Detail Short 100mm
KIT0808/DA350 Nozzle S/V Detail Long 350mm KIT0810 Adaptor Angled S/V 30 Degree
KIT0813 Adaptor for S/V Brush suits KIT0818 + KIT0817 KIT0817 Small Brush Half Moon fits KIT0808
KIT0818 Brush Vac Round fits KIT0813 KIT0819 Brush Triangular fits KIT0813
KIT0315 Nozzle Vac Vertical KIT0317 Nozzle Vac Triangular fits KIT0808/DA
KIT0814/I Brush Round Stainless Steel 60mm KIT0814/N Brush Round Nylon 60mm
KIT0814/O Brush Round Brass 60mm KIT0815/I Brush Round Stainless Steel 38mm
KIT0815/N Brush Round Nylon 38mm KIT0815/O Brush Round Brass 38mm
KIT0816/I Brush Round Stainless Steel 30mm KIT0816/N Brush Round Nylon 30mm
KIT0816/O Brush Round Brass 30mm
Order Code Description Order Code Description
KIT0700 Hose S/O 4m KIT0701 Extension Tube S/O 500mm
KIT0702 Extension Tube S/O 250mm KIT0703 Lance S/O Short 100mm
KIT0704 Lance S/O Long 250mm KIT0705 Angle Adaptor S/O 45 Degrees
KIT0706 Joint Steam Only KIT0707 Brush Rectangular S/O Floor 300mm
KIT0709 Brush Triangular S/O KIT0711 Steam Squeegee 300mm
KIT0712 Scraper
Order Code Description Order Code Description
KIT0700/6M Hose S/O 6m KIT0713 Mop Head Wall 200mm
KIT0714 Mop Head Floor 400mm KIT0715 Mop Head Floor 600mm
KIT0800/CW Hose S/V/D Car Wash 4m KIT0800/CW6M Hose S/V/D Car Wash 6m
KIT0800/MOD6M Hose S/V/D 6m KIT0806/CW Upholstery Tool Car Wash
KITQ702 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 400mm Blue KITQ704 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 600mm Blue
KITQ705 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 200mm White KITQ706 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 400mm White
KIT0314 Nozzle Vac Brush Round Soft Bristles fits KIT0808 KIT0315-LU Nozzle Vac Vertical fits KIT0808/DA/SP
KIT0313 Nozzle Vac Horizontal fits KIT0808/DA KIT0810-CW Adaptor Angled SV Reversed 30 degree