Best Steam Cleaner
For Your Home!

Get professional results, in your home with the Saphira C8 domestic steam cleaner.  Lightweight, portable, efficient & effective.  Our newest edition to the Steam Australia family brings powerful commercial technology to your fingertips.

Throw out those toxic chemicals under the kitchen sink, it’s time to revolutionise cleaning in your home, with dry steam. Water efficient and chemical free, the Saphira C8 is the future of cleaning.  Sanitise soft and hard surfaces to remove ≥99.999% bacteria and get a professional clean at your fingertips.

The Saphira is the best steam cleaner for your home. It boasts continuous flow steam, allowing you to re-fill your water reservoir any time, with no down time. With transparent blue housing and LED lights this trendy Italian designed appliance is one to show off. 

Tackle those daunting cleaning jobs such as your car interior and wheels, kitchen, bathroom grime & grout – this multifaceted machine enables cleaning like never before.

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For tailored packages contact Head Office in Lane Cove, 2066 NSW at [email protected] or 1300 79 50 50


Why Dry Steam Cleaning?

Why Dry Steam Sanitising Economic


  • Reduces chemical usage up to 100%
  • Reduces water usage up to 90%
  • Reduces the cost of water & waste disposal
  • Enables faster cleaning times, allowing you to clean your whole home with ease
Why Dry Steam Sanitising Easy & Efficient

Easy & Efficient

  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Improved cleaning outcomes both visually, & microbiologically
  • Tackle tricky jobs such as mouldy ceilings, BBQ grime, weeds and more!
  • Reduced risk of injury with effortless cleaning - let the steam do the hard work!
Why Dry Steam Sanitising Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

  • Uses significantly less water & minimal to no chemicals
  • Reduces chemical waste
  • Creates a clean, dry & sanitised environment
  • Quickly kills germs, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs & other parasites & viral agents such as COVID-19
Saphira Pricing Packages breakdown table

All prices quoted above are in AUD including GST
Free delivery of up to $100, only available for Australian residents.

For tailored packages contact Head Office in Lane Cove, 2066 NSW.
[email protected] or 1300 79 50 50

Choose your package below:

Saphira packages - kit inclusions


  • 2.5m Hose
  • AC8000003 Extension Tube 250mm
  • AC8000011 Extension Tube 500mm (2)
  • AC8000002 Detail Nozzle
  • AC8000005 Floor Tool 300mm
  • AC0030003 Cushion For Floor Tool 300mm
  • AC8000075 Window Squeegee Insert 350mm
  • AC8000006 Window Squeegee base w/ Insert 250mm
  • AC8000061 Triangle Brush
  • AC0010022 Brush Nylon 30mm
  • AC0010021 Brush Nylon 38mm
  • AC0010001 Brush Nylon 60mm
  • AC0010023 Brush Stainless Steel 30mm
  • AC0010025 Brush Stainless Steel 38mm
  • AC0020016 Cloth
  • Maintenance Kit
  • AC8000040 Wall Mop Head 250mm
  • AC0020001 Wall Mop Pad 250mm
  • AC8000016 Floor Mop Head 390mm
  • AC0020012 Floor Mop Pad 390mm
  • AC0030002 Triangle Brush Cushion
  • AC8000004 Plunger
  • AC0000021 Weed Killer Bell
  • AC0010020 Brush Brass 30mm
  • AC0010024 Brush Brass 38mm
  • AC8000013 Nozzle Detail Grey
  • AC8000065 Nozzle Aluminium Long
  • AC0000035 Deluxe Iron with PP1020003 Silicon Mat
  • Steam Australia Accessories Bag
  • RHS315 Reynard Microfibre Cloth 50pk
  • RHS315-20 Reynard Microfibre Cloth 20pk
  • RR1822352/50 Rubbermaid 18" Mircofibre Floor Pad
  • Microfibre Cloth Pack: Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm 5 Pack




Domestic Steam Cleaner Saphira C8 Technical Specs
Blue Microfibre visual folding steps on paint swoosh