The best featured light commercial steam cleaner available

The SV8D steam cleaner is the best featured light commercial steam and vacuum machine on the market. It boasts a huge 8 Bar of steam pressure with the ability to inject detergent ensuring a professional level clean every time.

This steam cleaner has all the power and features of the largest commercial steam and vacuum machines available. It’s compact size, features and superior performance have made the SV8D the most popular steam vacuum cleaner in our range.

The SV8D uses high temperature dry saturated steam to deep clean below the surface and effectively lift built up dirt and grime while sanitizing the surface.

The SV8D is designed to clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, upholstery, mattresses, kitchens, bathrooms and much more.

New to the Steam Australia family, the SV8W Steam and Vacuum machine has all the power of the SV8D, showcasing a chemical free Water Injection functionality. This function pumps water down the steam line to help boost cleaning on tricky surfaces without the use of chemicals.

The SV8W is the perfect cleaning machine for a wide range of industries in particular the auto-detailing and hospitality industries. The Water Injection feature is targeted at cleaning upholstery, carpet and soft furnishings without the use of chemicals.

The SV8D & SV8W are recommended for a range of commercial uses including hotels, motels, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, contract cleaners, auto detailers and many more.



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Order Code Description Order Code Description
AC8000135 Hose SVD 2.5m AE0000011 Extension Tube SV 500mm
AC8000034 Floor Tool SV TO3300002 Tool Boiler Drain Nut
AC0000012 Insert SV Carpet Glider 300mm AC8000026 Insert Bristled 300mm
AC8000025 Insert Dual Squeegee 300mm AC8000027 Suction Tool SV 150mm
AC8000030 Insert Bristled 150mm AC8000029 Insert Window Squeegee 150mm
AC8000028 Insert Window Squeegee 250mm AC0050001 Nozzle Vac Horizontal
AC0050002 Nozzle Vac Vertical AC8000023 Nozzle SV Detail
AC8000024 Nozzle SV Detail w Extension AC0020004 Microfibre Sockette Small
AC0000009 Scraper AC0010001 Brush Round Nylon 60mm
AC0010022 Brush Round Nylon 30mm AC0010023 Brush Round Stainless Steel 30mm
AI0000019 Bottle with non-spill cap 800ml AC0000003 Anti-limestone Spray 50ml
PP1150006 Funnel PP5210001 Filter S/V Blue 50mm
Order Code Description Order Code Description
AC8000094 Trolley SV8D Skywalker Grey AC8000412 Trolley SV8D ‘3’ Infinite Grey
AC8000067 Upholstery Tool Transparent 110mm AC8000043 Hose SO Suits SV 5m
AC8000041 Adaptor SV to SO AC8000040 Mop Head Floor 250mm
AC0020001 Microfibre Mop Pad Wall 250mm AC8000016 Mop Head Floor 390mm
AC0020012 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 390mm AC8000061 Brush Triangle Red Bristles
AC0030002 Cushion Triangular White AC8000004 Plunger
AC0010021 Brush Round Nylon 38mm AC0010025 Brush Round Stainless Steel 38mm
AC0010024 Brush Round Brass 38mm