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A highly featured compact commercial steam only machine

The SW9 steam cleaner is one of the best featured commercial steam only cleaner on the market. It boasts a huge 9 Bar of steam pressure with the ability to inject hot water ensuring a professional level clean every time.

This steam cleaner has the power and features of larger commercial steam only machines but in a compact size. Its superior performance makes the SW9 machines a popular choice when looking for steam only cleaners.

Our SW9 uses high temperature dry saturated steam generated at over 170º in the boiler. This superheated dry steam has a moisture content of only 5%, allowing the steam to penetrate deep below the surface and kill >99.999% of bacteria & viral agents.*

With quality Italian construction and commercial technology, the SW9 has robust and compact design with superior cleaning performance – powerful steam ready to take on the toughest cleaning jobs in your business. The SW9 is designed to clean a variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, windows, curtains, mattresses, kitchens, bathrooms and much more.

9 bar, kills over 99.999% bacteria, continuous steam, commercial quality, made in italy, 2 year warranty
9 bar, kills over 99.999% bacteria, continuous steam, commercial quality, made in italy, 2 year warranty
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Using a maximum of 5 litres of water per hour, dry steam will deep clean far more effectively than traditional methods. Steam penetrates deep into the surface, easily removing dirt, grease and grime from the otherwise unreached areas. Make tricky and labour intensive cleaning jobs easier in your business, with our powerful and versatile dry steam sanitising machines.

As the dry steam is hitting the surface at well over 100°C, it not only leaves the surfaces clean, it sanitises and deodorises without the use of chemicals. Dry steam also leaves minimal water residue behind, allowing you to simply wipe away with microfibre to leave the surface clean, dry and ready for use. As a result you can achieve mess free cleaning whilst quickly killing germs, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and other parasites.

Steam Australia’s quality dry steam machines have a vast array of attachments to cover endless cleaning applications. Choose from a preselected accessory package or customise a package to suit your needs.

The SW9 is recommended for a wide variety of surfaces:

  • Floors, Walls & Windows
  • Curtains, Upholstery & Mattresses
  • Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Sanitising Upholstery including lounges, curtains and more
  • Gum Removal

The SW9 is recommended for a wide range of industries:

  • Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries & Nursing Homes
  • Hospitality including Restaurants, Cafes & Bakeries
  • Contract Cleaners for Domestic, Office & venue
  • Childcare
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Included Accessories text title
SW9 Included Accessories Image
Order Code Description
1. AC8000037 Hose S/HW Rotative Controller 2.5m
2. AC8000011 Extension Tubes S/O 500mm
3. AC8000061 Triangle Brush Red Bristles
4. AC0030002 Triangular Cushion
5. AC8000005 Brush Rectangular S/O Floor 300mm
6. AC0030001 Cushion Rectangular 300mm White
7. AC8000006 Window Squeegee S/O w 250mm Insert
8. AC8000075 Window Squeegee S/O Insert 350mm
Order Code Description
9. AC8000002 Detail Nozzle
10. AC0010022 Brush Round Nylon 30mm
11. AC0010021 Brush Round Nylon 38mm
12. AC0000009 Scraper
13. PP1150006 Funnel
14. AC0000005 Microfibre White Cloth
15. AC0000003 Anti-limestone Spray 50ml
TO3300002 Tool Boiler Drain Nut (or similar)
Optional Accessories text title
Order Code Description
16. AC8000044 Hose S/HW Rotative Controller 5m
17. AI0000414 Trolley SW9 White 5 bottle
18. AC8000013 Detail Nozzle Grey
19. AC8000003 250mm Extension Tube
20. AC8000065 S/O Aluminium Long Nozzle
21. AC8000040 Mop Head Wall 250mm
22. AC0020001 Microfibre Mop Pad Wall 250mm
23. AC8000016 Mop Head Floor 390mm
24. AC0020012 Microfibre Mop Pad Floor 390mm
25. AC8000004 Plunger
26. AC0000021 Weed Killer Bell
27. AC0010020 Brush Round Brass 30mm
AC0010024 Brush Round Brass 38mm
Order Code Description
28. AC0010023 Brush Round Stainless Steel 30mm
AC0010025 Brush Round Stainless Steel 38mm
29. AC0010001 Brush Round Nylon 60mm
30. AC0010002 Horse hair 30mm
31. AC0010003 Horse hair 60mm
32. AC0010038 Grout Brush Nylon linear
33. AC0010036 Grout Brush Brass linear
34. SAMFW10 Premium Cleaning Cloth 10pk
35. Bag-Accessories Steam Australia Accessories Bag
36. SA315BOX /SA315 Disposable Microfibre 50 pk/Carton (12×50)
37. SA315-20PKT /SA315-20 Disposable Microfibre 20 pk/Carton (28×20)
38. SA318PKT /SA318 Disposable Floor Pads 25 pk /Carton (4×25)