Are You Trusting Shonky Floor Cleaners?

Ditch the chemical floor cleaner products

How many chemicals & toxic cleaning products are under your sink?

Are #shonky Floor Cleaners cluttering your home?? Not only are they a waste of money but they just don’t work!⁠

“You could use the bucket of water without the cleaning product in it – and get the same result” – Choice 2020

According to Choice, through their ‘Shonky Awards’ they have concluded that floor cleaners do not make a measurable difference when compared with cleaning with water alone. They have claimed that water has a cleaning efficacy of 40%, compared with 15-floor cleaners they tested only 1 brand out performed water with a 41% clean rate.

If you are happy with a 40% clean, water is the choice for you.

If you want a 99.999% clean – clean with dry steam. It’s simple.

Switch to cleaning with Dry Steam to ensure your surfaces are being properly sanitised on a microbial level. Our super-heated dry steam has a 5% moisture content and 90g/min steam output. Our Dry Steam Cleaners produce temperatures of over 170C in the boiler, killing ≥99.999% of bacteria and viral agents including corona-virus. Reduce chemical exposure in your home and start cleaning ecologically.

Our Domestic Steam Machine the Saphira C8, is available online and in-store  now, from our Sydney warehouse & Victorian Distributor. Download our accessories guide to see just how many cleaning applications are achievable in your home, with dry steam.

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with Steam Australia.

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Ditch the chemical floor cleaner products

Benefits of Dry Steam:

  • Get a faster, more efficient & more effective clean!
  • Reduce your water usage by up to 90%
  • Chemical free cleaning for your family's health
  • No more wasteful, harmful & useless products
  • Minimise presence of allergens & dust mites
  • With our super-heated dry steam, kill ≥99.999% of bacteria & viral agents, including influenza & coronavirus
Ditch the floor cleaners, clean with steam
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