How To: Dry Steam Cleaning Child Car Seats

dry steam cleaning child car seat with upholstery tool

Dry Steam Cleaning Child Car Seats

We all have those unexpected mishaps in the car. This video showcases the step by step instructions on how to dry steam clean vomit from a child car seat. Cleaning the car seat took less than 10 minutes and dried in less than 15 minutes! Incredibly quick, easy and effective way to sanitise seats after a family car trip!! No Chemicals required!

Ideal machine for home use, or for commercial child car seat cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning targets oils, grease, grime, mould, algae, body fluids, chewing gum and detergent residues on fabric and leather seats, carpets, vinyls, plastics and glass.
  • Reduce the need for hazardous chemicals, make the switch to steam cleaning your vehicles.
  • Deep clean and refresh leather seats.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to keep your family and staff safe and your customers happy.

HOW TO: Dry Steam Cleaning Vomit From Child Car Seats

Set Up;

  • Remove car seat from car before cleaning.
  • Set up SV8W machine as per Quick Start Guide.
  • Tools required; Detail Nozzle + Upholstery Tool

Cleaning Stage 1; Steam Only (S/O)

  • Using the detail nozzle, start with steaming the difficult areas, working top down. Don’t forget the buckles and seatbelt!
  • If the seat is covered in dry vomit: Use upholstery tool with steam and water injection to soften and loosen.
  • If the seat is covered in wet vomit: Use upholstery tool with steam only to loosen.
  • Finish detailing the front of the chair; tags, flaps & stiches. This can be easily cleaned with a detail nozzle, on low-medium steam.

Cleaning Stage 2; Steam & Vacuum (S/V)

  • Using the upholstery tool finish off entire surface with steam and vacuum both switch on.
  • For tricky areas, vacuum from multiple angles to ensure all residue is collected.
  • Almost done, now to touch up the back and sides of the chair.
  • Lastly, switch off steam function, using vacuum only to vacuum up remaining moisture.

In less than 10 minutes we get these amazing results!
Let seat air dry for an additional 15 minutes before using.

dry steam cleaning child car seat before and after results

Dry Steam.
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