Rug Steam Cleaning

Rugs are smaller decorative versions of carpets that require a different cleaning process, dissimilar to the standard carpet steam cleaning process.  Rug steam cleaning differs to carpet cleaning because rugs typically have smaller fibres and a shorter length, which means that you may need a few extra tools in order to thoroughly clean them. If you’re a bit confused, we’ve provided a few tips below that will help you get the most out of the rug steam cleaning process!

Which product is ideal for rug steam cleaning?

Any one of our Polti, SD Pro, Ks, Ezy Clean or Jupiter branded products. They’ll help you achieve that deep clean you desire by quickly eradicating dirt, grime and germs. You’ll also need extra nozzles, bristled brushes and inserts. Get yours at Steam Australia!

How do I steam clean my rug?

•    Start by vacuuming the rug first
•    If there are any spots or stains, use the small detail nozzle. Place it on the side and blow the steam along the face of the rug (thus effectively blowing the stain away)
•    Replace the nozzle with the upholstery cleaning nozzle with the bristled brush insert and steam the stain until it has disappeared
•    To finish cleaning the rug, place the large steam and vacuum floor brush on
•    Steam the rug with the brush insert, slowly brushing the surface in long even strokes
•    This process will take about 15 minutes, depending on the size of your rug

Rug cleaning has never been easier with Steam Australia and our rug steam cleaners. Get yours today! We offer genuine products, competitive prices and a world-class after sales service, so what are you waiting for? Browse through our products now!

A steam cleaner is also a great carpet cleaner. For information on cleaning your carpets with steam see our carpet cleaning page.

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