Tips for Cleaning a Steam Mop

Clean Steam MopIf you’re an avid steam mopper you’re likely to find it will need a regular clean. After all, if you want to maintain clean floors you need a clean steam mop too. Cleaning your steam mop regularly will ensure a hygienic clean every time and will also prolong the life of your steam mop pads.


Cleaning your steam mop is easy. In fact, there’s just five easy steps to follow.


1. Detach your microfibre mop pad from your steam mop.


2. Put the mop pad into your washing machine. Wash with other microfibre mop pads or cloths to prevent any dust, lint or dirt being attracted to the pads from other garments.


3. Put your washing machine on a warm water wash with regular detergent. Do not use fabric softeners of any kind.


4. Line dry. Microfibre dries quickly so drying times are short meaning it’s easy to pop it on the line for a quick dry.


5. Once the mop pad is completely dry reattach it to your steam mop and viola you have a clean steam mop ready to use!


Follow these simple steps for a more hygienic steam mop that lasts longer too. For more information on steam cleaning check out our range of steam cleaning machines.


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