The three most important reasons you need a steam cleaner

Steam CleaningBuying a steam cleaner can feel like a big investment. Particularly if you’re accustomed to the traditional mop and bucket method buying a steam cleaner can be a big step to take. To help you decide if a steam cleaner is a step in the right direction for you, here’s our three most important reasons you need a steam cleaner.

1. A better clean than ever before
Using steam means a deep clean. Steam penetrates deep below the surface to eliminate built up dirt and grime from the hardest to reach places including inside upholstery, within door tracks and in your tiles and grout. The high temperature used also means your home will be hygienically sanitized ensuring the upmost levels of health and hygiene.

2. Steam cleaning saves you time
Steam cleaning is quick and easy, ensuring every surface in your home is hygienically clean and sanitized without hours spent scrubbing. Steam cleaning means you get your cleaning done quicker with more time left for what’s important.

3. No harsh chemicals
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals when you use a steam cleaner. Steam operates at temperatures of over 100 degrees meaning it can deep clean and sanitise every surface in your home without the need for cleaning chemicals. All you need is pure water straight from the tap. Avoiding chemicals ensures the health of you and your family and is also better for the environment.


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