How to Steam Your Living Room Clean

clean-living-roomYour living room is the centre of your home, the place you spend countless hours every day and your key entertaining zone when visitors arrive. Keeping it in tip top condition is one of the best ways to keep your home looking its best.


So how do you ensure the living areas of your home look their best? Simple, use a steam cleaner! Steam cleaning uses the power of high temperature steam to deep clean and sanitise a huge range of surfaces throughout the home. It comes with a big range of tools fit for every job. In living areas a steam cleaner will clean lounges, floors, walls, soft furnishings and more. Read on to find out how.


1. Steam Cleaning Lounge Settings


Steaming your lounge clean is as simple as turning on your steam cleaner, attaching the upholstery tool and working back and forth across your lounge in a steady motion. Steam will work down deep below the surface to lift dirt and grime from within the fibres. The great thing about steam cleaning is that it is not a wet process, your lounge will be left dry and ready to use afterwards.


2. Steam Cleaning Floors


A steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning a huge range of floor surfaces including wooden floor boards, tiles and lino. Simply use the steam mop floor tool and you’ll have sparkling clean floors in no time. If you have carpet or rugs a steam cleaner is a perfect spot cleaner.


If you’re ready to transform your living room into a clean and beautiful haven check out our steam cleaning machines.


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