How to Steam Your Floors Clean

Steam Clean Your FloorsLiving in a large home means there’s lots of space for entertaining, relaxing and making your house a home but it also means there can be a lot of floor space to clean! Whether you have wooden floor boards, lino, tiles or carpet throughout your home it’s bound to build up dirt and grime over time. In comes the steam cleaner.


Steam cleaners deep clean and sanitise all types of floor surfaces in your home to keep them hygienically clean year round. Operating at temperatures of over 100 degrees Celcius steam works using pure water alone meaning there’s no need for chemicals or other cleaning solutions – a great bonus for your family’s health and the environment!


So how can you steam your floors clean? Easy, just follow these five simple steps.


1.    Attach the floor brush to your steam cleaner
2.    Fill your steam cleaner with water from the tap, turn it on and wait for it to heat up
3.    Slowly steam across the floor surface, backwards and forwards until the entire area is done
4.    If you are cleaning tiles and grout you may also like to use the brush tool to loosen dirt within the grout while steaming for an even better result
5.    Your floors are now hygienically deep cleaned and sanitised


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