How to remove stubborn coffee stains with steam

coffee-stain-steam-cleanerEnjoying your morning coffee can easily be ruined by one quick spill of your coffee cup. If you’re enjoying your coffee at home spilling it all over your pristine carpet makes things even worse. Coffee stains can be tough to budge but the good news is that help is here in the form of steam.


Unlike other cleaners steam gets to the root of the problem by penetrating deep within the carpet fibres. At temperatures of over 100 degrees Celcius, steam cuts through coffee residue lifting the stain and leaving your carpet fresh.


If you’re facing a tough coffee spill cleanup here’s three steps to get your carpet back to new.


1. Absorb the stain. Dab the stain with a cloth or paper towel to absorb it. Do not wipe or press into the carpet as this will only push the coffee residue further into the carpet fibres.

2. Spray the stain with water to thin the residue. Lightly spray the area with water and use a cloth to wipe. At this point much of the stain should be gone.

3. Use a steam cleaner to remove any stain residue. Turn your steam cleaner on and allow it to heat up. Then using the floor tool slowly steam over the impacted area allowing the steam to penetrate deep within the fibres.


Following these three steps your carpet should look good as new, free from unsightly coffee stains and ready for guests. If you’d like to learn more about our range of cleaning machines check out our steam cleaners product page.

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