How to Clean Your Bathroom Like Never Before

Steam Clean Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for a cleaner bathroom than ever before you can’t go past steam.


Conventional bathroom cleaning techniques can leave a lot to be desired. The many hard to reach nooks and crannies within a bathroom can mean dirt and grime build up and stay there for years.


The methods used in conventional bathroom cleaning also mean that often your bathroom is often not hygienically sanitised to the highest standards.


Steam cleaning uses high temperature steam to effectively deep clean and sanitise your entire bathroom. Here’s a quick four step guide to help you clean your bathroom like never before using a steam cleaner.


1.    Steam Taps and Sinks Using the Detail Nozzle
Effortlessly get into all those hard to reach places on your taps and sink using your steam cleaner’s detail nozzle. The detail nozzle eradicates built up dirt and grime from small cavities with ease.


2.    Steam Clean Shower Screens Using the Window Squeegee
Steam your shower screens clean like never before. Using the window squeegee attachment you can easily clean built up soap scum from your shower screens, leaving them clean and fresh every time.


3.    Deep Clean Tiles and Grout
If there’s one thing that’s tough to clean in a bathroom it’s tiles and grout. Whether it’s in your shower or just the bathroom floor, dirt builds quickly and it’s hard to move. Using the brush attachment on your steam cleaner you can deep clean your tiles, with the brush loosening dirt and the steam then penetrating deep within the grout to lift dirt from within.


4.    Steam Your Toilet Clean
Cleaning your toilet is easy with a steam cleaner. Use the extension lance to keep a good distance from the toilet while steam does the work. Endlessly scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners will be a thing of the past.


If you’re interested in learning more about steam cleaning your bathroom check out our domestic steam cleaners.


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