5 Easy Ways to Steam Clean Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a better way to clean your kitchen, look no further – it’s steam. With the power of high temperature steam at your fingertips you can easily clean a huge range of surfaces throughout your kitchen in an environmentally friendly, cost effective way that’s better for your family’s health and saves you time too. The great thing is our domestic steam cleaning machines make it easy. All our machines are fully portable on wheels with easy to use controls and a range of attachments.


Here’s five areas you can clean in your kitchen with ease using a steam cleaner.


1. Bench Tops – Cleaning bench tops is a breeze with a steam cleaner. Simply run the head along your bench tops for a sanitised clean within seconds.


2. Sink Areas – Using a steam cleaner in your sink areas will ensure you get into all the little nooks and crannies where dirt and grime build up. Use the detail nozzle to clean around tap fittings and drain holes ensuring a comprehensive clean where nothing is left behind.


3. You Fridge – Clean your fridge with ease using a steam cleaner, easily ridding your fridge of any residual food spills and smells. You can even use your steam cleaner to quickly and easily defrost your freezer!


4. Floors – A steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning kitchen floors. Simply use the steam mop attachment with the microfibre mop pad and you’ll have sparkling clean floors within minutes.


5. Your Oven – Cleaning your oven can be tiresome, but not so with a steam cleaner. Easily clean your entire oven using a steam cleaner. The detail nozzle will get to all the hard to reach places ensuring the best oven clean you’ve ever had without the need for nasty chemicals.


If you’d like to learn more about steam cleaning your kitchen check out our domestic steam cleaners or watch some steam cleaning video demonstrations.


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